Latest on LAX

Latest on LAX

What’s happening at LAX?


LAX is the3rd busiest airport in the United States with 80.9 million passengers projected to pass through LAX in 2016. With that being said, LAX traffic is very congested and it’s only going to get worse. Luckily, new campaigns are being developed such as “Come Early and Come Hungry” as more of LA’s top chefs open up restaurants in the terminals. There will also be same day boarding passes, which will allow you to go from one terminal to another to visit or eat at other terminals with no need to go through security again with all the underground tunnels that will connect all the terminals once you have cleared security.

With new shops opening, they want you to “Shop until you Depart”

A little insider information: A new midfield concourse is being built behind Tom Bradley, to accommodate an additional 20 more gates, and it will have the same upscale feel as Tom Bradley is, people will check in as normal in front and a people mover will take passengers out to the concourse after check in and more shops and restaurants will be located there.

This is expected to be completed by 2019!

United stated yesterday they started automated screening lanes with American to follow soon.

Empty water bottles may be brought to LAX soon, for your convenience there will be plenty of filling water stations throughout the terminals. 

Solution for LAX

LAWA came up with is a new reliable, convenient and sustainable system for everyone. This means, that number one priority is that LAX will be an ecofriendly facility, they will require energy efficient designs, water efficiency and conservation, construction waste reduction and recycling, numerous air quality emissions reduction measures, natural resource production and much more.

LAX will employ 120,000 people during the construction for the next 8-10 years. All projects are slated to be completed by 2023.

This includes the LAX train, Intermodal Transportation facilities, a Consolidated Rent a car center, improvements to the Central Terminal Area, and a connection to Metro.


These future projects seek to accomplish the following:

  • Relieve traffic congestion within the Central Terminal Area and the surrounding streets
  • Give passengers a fast and reliable way to get to their flights
  • Create new convenient locations for passenger pick-up, drop off and parking outside of the Central Terminal Area
  • Reduce Vehicle emissions and improve air quality


The LAX Train, (Automated People Mover System)

In the future modernization of LAX this will provide reliable, time-certain access to the airline terminals for passengers, employees and other users.

The people mover will have

  • A total of 6 stations connecting new rental car, airport parking and Metro facilities to the airline terminals
  • 3 stations in the Central Terminal Area providing fast and easy connections to the airline terminals with pedestrian walkways
  • Short wait times at each station (2-3 minutes)
  • Free for airport users, 24 hours a day
  • The Automated People Mover (APM) will operate up to 9 trains with a 2 minute wait time
  • Each car will hold approximately 50 passengers, with luggage
  • Pedestrian Access will be enhanced by moving walkways to the terminals and parking garages



The Intermodal Transportation Facility

Will feature:

  • Fast and efficient access to the automated People Mover
  • Airport parking for private vehicles
  • Passenger pick-up/drop-off
  • Connections/transfers to hotels, shuttles/commercial vehicles, and transit
  • Amenities such as waiting areas, concessions, and ticketing/information kiosks


Consolidated rent-A-Car Center (CONRAC)

CONRAC will relocate existing rental car companies into one convenient location adjacent to the 405 freeway with direct connections to the airport using the LAX Train,

New exits will be constructed to the facility

This is the rental car locations today




The is the future


  • Offer a variety of rental car options in a single location
  • Provide rental car customers direct access to major freeways
  • Remove all rental car shuttles currently driving into LAX

Metro Rail and Bus Connections


  • Metro has agreed to build a 96th Street station to provide a rail and bus link to the airport
  • LAWA (Los Angeles World Airport) has agreed to build an Automated People mover station above the planned 96th Stree Metro Station to allow for quick and convenient transfers to LAX


Important Dates:

Construction is due to start Third Quarter 2017

Estimated to be completed by 2023 in time for the 2024 Olympics in hopes of winning the bid


If you have a chance check out these websites, and be in the know



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